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Go slow in a world that runs too fast: chose our SUSTAINABLE VEGAN LINE for a better future.

Buying less by buying better we can make a lasting impact on the world.
That's why our backpacks are made to last adventures of a lifetime.
They respect the planet and the artisans who make them, and they are carbon neutral.


This particular model has been designed to travel. It is bigger than our standard backpacks and can carry a big volume.
It has extra padding on the back which gives it a nice structure and comfort while wearing it.


☞ Handmade
☞ High-quality heavy-duty hemp textile
☞ Natural fibre colour, no dye
☞ Capacity: 35L ( ± 20 Kg )
☞ Size: 42x28 cm
☞ Lined with local Organic Cotton
☞ Padded back support
☞ One big and very spacious main compartment 40x28x14 cm ( 16x11x5.5 inches)
☞ Bucket string closure for the main compartment
☞ Flap closure with two metal popper buttons
☞ Laptop sleeve ( up to 13 inches )
☞ One medium zipped pocket in the front 24x18x4 cm ( 9.5x7x1.5 inches )
☞ Flap closure with two metal popper buttons
☞ Padded adjustable straps ( width 3.5 inches; length 32 inches )
☞ Made in Nepal with love


☞ 85% Organic Hemp
☞ 15% Organic Cotton
☞ Both grown in the Himalayan valleys and carefully harvested in order to preserve the ecosystem balance intact.

Recycled and recyclable Packaging

The plastic pollution crisis is getting out of hand and most of it is due to ridiculous and wasteful packaging.
Every material we use for packaging is recycled or easily recyclable.
Absolutely no plastic.

Think Responsibly, Act Accordingly

The Proud London will, of course, accept returns of its products but we are in favour of our customers making the right product choice in the first place.
The return process involves a long procedure that diminishes our principal goal: to take care of the planet.
REpacking (more paper) and REdelivering another product (more gas emissions) are only two of the negative sides of the return process, preventing The Proud London from being as sustainable as it is committed to.
So please think twice before purchasing a The Proud London product, thank you.

This backpack is the result of the environmental benefits of hemp cultivation combined with its durable characteristics as a fabric.
Hemp constitutes a highly sustainable, low-impact crop that can be converted into fabric sustainably. As environmental problems are piling up high around us, so does the need to become increasingly aware of our choices.

We are promoting SLOW FASHION: good, clean and fair

Good - Hemp ethically harvested in the hilly and mountainous regions of the Himalayas. Hemp returns 60-70% of the nutrients it takes
from the soil and it requires very little water.

Clean - Chemicals and pesticides free and natural dye. The converting process uses a quarter of the water used for cotton and it can produce up to double the fibre yield per hectare than cotton. Made by hand & traditional hand operating devices.

Fair - We collaborate with a local charity and our artisans are local villagers from different social and economical backgrounds which created women empowering communities that promote the development of new skills, education and health-care for them and their children.

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