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This Tablet & E-Reader Case is perfect for those who need their digital life and ebooks/books close at hand when on the go.
It offers superb and stylish protection with its 1 cm-thick (approx) padded walls and smooth organic cotton linings; it fits any device up to 11.6 inches or any standard-sized book.
It stands out for its simple and clean design and its functionality, along with being environment-friendly.
Size: 32x22x2.5 cm ( 12.5x8.5x1 inches ).


Hemp Tablet & E-Reader Case Description:

- Handmade
- High-quality heavy-duty hemp textile
- Natural dye
- Lined with local sustainably sourced organic cotton
- Flap Top with button lock
- One big padded compartment 32x22x2.5 cm ( 12.5x8.5x1 inches) for any device up to 11.6 inches
- Two frontal flat pockets for pad notes/documents, phone or charger 11x17cm (4.5x6.5 inches)
- Made in Nepal with love

This Tablet & E-Reader Case bag is the result of the environmental benefits of hemp cultivation combined with its durable characteristics as a fabric.

Hemp constitutes a highly sustainable, low-impact crop that can be converted into fabric sustainably. As environmental problems are piling up high around us, so does the need to become increasingly aware of our choices.

We are promoting SLOW FASHION: Good, Clean and Fair

Good - Hemp ethically harvested in the hilly and mountainous regions of the Himalayas. Hemp returns 60-70% of the nutrients it takes from the soil and it requires very little water. 

Clean - Chemicals and pesticides free and natural dye. The converting process uses a quarter of the water used for cotton and it can produce up to double the fibre yield per hectare than cotton. 

Made by hand & traditional hand operating devices.

Fair - We collaborate with a local charity and our artisans are local 
villagers from different social and economic backgrounds 
which created a woman empowering a community that promotes 
the development of new skills, education and health-care for 
them and their children.


Join the movement and together we can make a difference living more sustainably.


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